May 17, 2022 · Placidus causes houses to be disproportionately sized and some signs get intercepted (swallowed up). Placidus doesn’t work well at extreme latitudes. Whole Sign eventually became trendy, because it’s easy and gives you houses that are equal and all signs are fully represented. You start with the rising sign at zero degrees and use zero .... Feb 24, 2020 · Episode 244 features an interview with Anthony Louis about the history of how Placidus became the most popular system of quadrant house division used in western astrology in modern times. In late 20th and early 21st century astrology Placidus is the most popular house system, and it is usually the default house system in most []. Definition: [Astrological Houses] The development of Houses and Houses Systems since Classical times. Houses and house systems seem to have taken a long and obscure road since the time of the early Classical Astrologers. Nowadays, some astrologers ignore houses completely as being too tainted by uncertainty to use. "/>Placidus house system meaning